• Create safe, non-judgmental spaces for legal practitioners to learn, share and reflect on their practice.

  • Work in a way that acknowledges the impact of day-to-day work, politics and social climates, stigma and misunderstanding of mental health.

  • Facilitate peer group support.

  • Provide training on mental health awareness, yoga and meditation, self-care and stress management both in person and online.


  • We don't work therapeutically with anyone or in any clinical mental health capacity. We are not counsellors.

  • We don't promise quick-fixes and our focus is not on employee productivity or "the bottom line". Our approach is to create space, ideas and group support; to promote self-care; to educate and train; to teach and learn; and, to practice meditation and yoga. These things do not cure the systemic problems of the lack of funding, huge caseloads and the traumatic journeys of our clients. What we offer is an approach to help ease the load and to provide a basis from which to make broader changes.